Terms and Conditions

Elite Charters acts as a ‘Booking Agent’ only and shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by any individual(s) from hiring of any charter vessel, including any costs that arise from cancelling a charter, failure of passengers to board the vessel at the agreed departure time, boat charter operator license and survey compliances, the cleanliness and condition of vessels, changes to the contracted vessel, or damage to private property by guests of the hirer or security bond refunds.

Bookings are only considered confirmed upon receipt of a 30% deposit and the terms and conditions signed and returned.

Deposits are non refundable if:

The charter is cancelled within 14 days of the charter date.
PLEASE NOTE: For the months of December and January any cancellation must be before 28 days of charter or deposit will be forfeited.

The vessel reserves the right to cancel any charter without compensation or consultation under the following conditions:

  • Any member of the crew observes underage drinking or excessive alcohol consumption that the skipper deems as unsafe to crew or passengers.

  • Passengers behave in an anti-social or threatening manner to any member of the crew, public or passengers

  • Passengers behave in a manner that may put the vessel, people, onboard equipment or facilities at risk of damage.

  • Crew member observe passengers (including those not yet boarded) causing damage to any facilities at any public or private berthing prior to and during the charter.

  • Passengers behave in a manner deemed by a crew member to be a danger to themselves or other persons.

  • Crew member observe intended passengers in an apparent state of intoxication or where crews have reasonable cause to suspect passenger of being under the influence of illicit or prescription drugs.

  • Passengers behave in a manner that is contrary to the safety instructions given by the crew during the induction at the commencement of the charter.


A minimum deposit of 30% is required with the return of the terms and conditions document. Final payment is required 3 weeks before the charter date. Arrangements can be made with ‘Elite Charters’ should a booking be taken within the two week period. Should full payment not be received and the funds cleared by the specified date, Elite Charters can cancel the charter.
Cancellation of a charter must be in writing to Elite Charters.


The charter vessel reserves the right to cancel, modify or abandon part or the whole of the charter at any time as a result of

  • Inclement weather

  • In the interests of safety and well being of the vessel, its passengers and/ or crew

  • As a result of prevailing operational conditions

In the event that your trip to Rottnest or Carnac is cancelled the cruise will be transferred to the river.


A boarding time of 5 minutes to 15 minutes is standard for most charters. Guests should be made aware that at certain times of the year jetties are extremely busy and boarding times must be adhered to.Please be aware that vessel arrival times can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. This is beyond the control of Elite Charters


Elite Charters hire vessels, have several pick up and drop off points throughout Fremantle and the Perth waters. Rottnest charters are best experienced with a Fremantle departure and drop off.
Departures and returns from Perth will attract a small relocation fee.
Vessels will return to the disembarkation point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to allow for berthing and safe disembarkation of the passengers.


The hirer is responsible for the behavior of each of their guests whilst onboard the vessel and whilst using any facilities or equipment owned by or on board the vessel. The hirer indemnifies the vessel owner, operators and Elite Charters for any damage, cost or expense caused by any act made by the hirer or the hirer’s guests. Any damage to the vessel, its fittings, fixtures, furnishings, appliances or any equipment on board during the charters will be the responsibility of the hirer and the vessel may seek restitution for those damages. The vessel and Elite Charters accept no liability for the loss or damage of any personal belongings of any passenger while onboard.


A security bond is required from the hirer for all charters to cover loss or damage to property on or off the vessel, unscheduled extension to the agreed charter hours or excessive cleaning required due to actions of guests. If the bond is insufficient to cover costs an additional invoice will be issued.The bond dispute is a matter to be resolved between the vessel operator and the hirer and will not involve Elite Charters.


Maximum passenger numbers must be complied with at all times and must account for catering staff and entertainment personnel.Due to heavy regulations no additional passengers are allowed to board vessel.Please ensure you are aware of maximum passengers for your hired vessel.


The vessel and Elite Charters follow the regulations and guidelines for responsible drinking as set by the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor (RGL). The hirer of the vessel accepts full responsibility for getting any and all licenses required by RGL for the consumption or sale of alcohol on the vessel. The vessel owners and operators and Elite Charters cannot be held liable for any RGL licenses that are required by law for the event.

Charter vessels are not fully licensed vessels.

  • No unmixed bottles of spirits are permitted on board

  • No shooter drinks allowed

  • Ensure sufficient water and soft drink is available

  • Provide a reasonable percentage of mid strength and lower strength alcohol

Any guest deemed intoxicated by the crew and does not cease consumption of alcohol will be removed from the vessel.Any guest, who threatens, hits, punches or acts inappropriately to the crew or another guest or a member of the public will be removed to the nearest jetty and the charter will be cancelled without compensation. The skipper of the vessel will notify police if he / she deems necessary.


Most charter vessels are non-smoking however some areas at the bow of the boat may be utilized with the express permission of the skipper.For safety guests are not to wear high heels. Some vessels require guests to remove shoes.


The charter vessel and Elite Charters shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including personal injury) suffered by any passenger for:

• Failing to follow safety instructions issued by the skipper or crew

• Acting in an unlawful or unreasonable manner

Payment of the deposit constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions as stated above.

I hereby acknowledge and fully understand the terms and conditions.

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